Annalisa Patuelli

Annalisa Patuelli was born in 1975 in Ravenna, a thriving Italiancity full of art and culture. Her first encounter with photography
was spontaneous and immediate, like a revelation. Photography for her is an expressive urgency, a way of leaving
a mark and shaping reality. Since the very beginning, Anna has been lending her gaze to the world of advertising and fashion.
Cinema and literature, her primary source of inspiration, shape Annalisa’s taste and narrative style. Her photography is a
continuous search for beauty that permeates reality. Her images are characterized by textured colors, a strong sense of composition, a deep fascination with human beings, and an interest in the environment in which they live. Each picture aspires to be a  catharsis, a sublimation of the “here and now”concept. Thanks to her empathic skills and innate leadership she is always able to create a collaborative and exciting atmosphere in her  projects.